Why I Love My LinkedIn Premium Membership

LinkedIn's first reputation as a new social media platform was "like Facebook, but for the business world." Years later, it has become so much more! LinkedIn is a huge platform for the curation, sharing, and collaboration of ideas, as well as the largest online professional networking resource. I have been a LinkedIn user for five … Continue reading Why I Love My LinkedIn Premium Membership

Welcome Back

Hello and welcome back to Coffee & Confidence! Over the next few weeks I will be re-purposing this blog. I am shifting from a solely leadership-based blog, to a wider variety of topics that are relevant to other professional young women like myself. The overall branding is still the same- the two most important things … Continue reading Welcome Back

Transactional & Transformational Leadership

Most people have experienced transactional leadership, either in school, work, or some other type of organization with leader-follower relationships. The thing we are missing out on is being led by a transformational leader. Transactional leadership involves specific direction given by the leader to follower. The roles are clear, and must be adhered to. Two pieces … Continue reading Transactional & Transformational Leadership